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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Above the Clouds the Sun Still Shines...

Author: Kim Harris. "A Few Choice Words..." 2006 Copyright. All rights reserved.

“The wind is strong and the rain is heavy, but above the clouds, the sun still shines.”

I was eight when my Aunt Susie died. We lived in an old brownstone apartment in Detroit and I can remember the day my mom told me we were flying to Louisiana. She packed our bags and we left for the airport. It was a rainy day and I can remember wearing my plaid jacket with the velvet collar and my pretty black patent leather shoes.

We boarded the plane and I sat next to the window looking out at the rain and wondering what flying would be like. This was my first airplane trip and I was scared. As the plane took off, I felt this rolling sensation in my stomach and I held my mother’s hand very tight. The plane ascended up and up and up and as we entered the clouds, I remember thinking about the rain and watching it disappear. Before long, the sun was shining. There was no more rain, just beautiful sunshine and big billowy clouds. They looked like giant cotton balls. I turned to my mother and asked “are we in heaven now?” She smiled and said “yes, honey, we’re in heaven now”. Well, heck I wanted to stay in heaven. I wanted to jump from one cotton ball to the next. Gees, the things that goes through the mind of an eight year old!

When I’m faced with challenges and it seems that everything around me is in a state of chaos, I remember that the sun is still shining; that this proverbial storm is simply the storm below the clouds. I then elevate my mind above the clouds so that I can see the sun. I recall the same beautiful sun I witnessed from the plane cabin all those years ago.

Ever notice how sunny weather always makes you feel more optimistic, energetic, and happier. Well, just remember to embrace those feelings when the sun isn’t shining. Simply go back to the place in your mind and spirit where the sun does shine.

Affirm: “I choose to rise above the clouds where the sun always shines.”


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